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April 28, 2010


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Paul Murtagh

It sounds like a very interesting concept, as you yet another pioneered by Colin Chapman, and if this was the case then I would fully support it being introduced to F1 in 2013. I'm sure the teams would be in favour of this rule as well


Only thing i heard was that turbo's were gonna be allowed again in 2013, not gas turbines. There is a clear difference.

Flood 1

Stefan, you mean turbocharge engines don't you? If I understand correctly they will be turbocharged internal combustian engines.

But, a company has suggested gas turbines may be an option, and I think that tender is what Sportsman was speaking of.

But, I don't have the details at hand. Sportsman? Any info?


Yes Stefan, I am very well aware of the difference between a turbocharged internal combustion reciprocal engine as oppossed to a turbine.

Cars for sale

Looks very interesting innovation..Not sure but it i said that this gas turbine engine will be much cheaper than internal combustion unit. Also by using turbines, the car can run on bio fuels which is good for environment..

CGS cat back exhaust

If there is no problem in implementing it and there are no concerns and complaints about this, then F-1 should go for it. Everyone is really supportive about it.

NRG Steering Wheels

I am really with the cars that are good to environment. As what is stated in the comment box regarding turbines, so it is considerably eco-friendly.

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