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August 10, 2010


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Great article Sportsman. I love KERS.

Do we know that the same power and storage restrictions are in place for 2011? I don't think KERS will ever take off until they remove the storage amount restrictions at least.

Also, it would be nice to see a diagram of how the MGU fits into the drivetrain.


Hi Gordon, there have been no revisions to the regs that change the original specs for the Kers systems. This is so because the Teams did not want to revise their Kers specifications until the 2013 engine specs are agreed. This makes good sense to me.

However, the regs are one of the probs with implementing Kers. It will never be completly useful until is is unregulated. Only then will true innovation be rewarded.


Any detailed info about the Williams flywheel system?


Hi Ross, the best official info is here

You gotta look around for a bit to find all the data, but it is a pretty interesting read.

We ran a blog on here that included some info and pics on the hybrid flywheel Williams/Posche GTR. That article would be here:

Thanks for the question, Ross. We don't have all the answers, but we almost have all the questions.



Thanks for the response, Flood! I'll check those out. I'd seen a vid of the Williams/Porsche GTR system, but the KERS setup is HUGE. I am wondering how they plan to package that for F1.
I didn't mention it in my first post, but these articles are great. Never saw pictures of the actual KERS components before.


Hi Ross.The Williams KERS system fitted to the Porsche does look big I agree.But that system had about three times the power both in in terms of output and storage capacity than the FIA regulations allow for F1.
It can be scaled down to suit F1 but Williams have decided that they will not do that as it does not fit their development programme.
2011 Williams will run the standard battery system devoped by themselves and the only component that they will outsource is the battery.
WHT development programme is primarily aimed at the sportscar market, both road and track and also into the road car hybrid market.


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