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August 11, 2010


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Good article.
It faithfully recalls all of the the previous US F1 GP's and also reveals the reasons for the failure of F1 in the US.

Austin however is built on a very different business model.
Why Austin is almost certain to succeed is for very different reasons which caused other attempts to fail.
If you look at the very careful planning and which has gone into this it is apparent that this is the culmination of at least three years very careful planning.
The very location of Austin is not by chance.
Austin is only 250 kilometres from the Mexican border.Mexico has a huge F1 fan base and this location would be readily accessible to them.
I together with John Flood have studied the
very carefully the the history of the land acqusition and the future development of not only the actual F1 GP but the entire development of the whole project.
That shows that the feasibilty of the US F1GP has a very realistic chance of succeeding as Austin has none of characteristics that caused other venues to fail.


Awesome read!

Steve Calvert

Yes, very nice artical. Having lived in and around Austin since 1968 and really loving F1 for as long as I can remember, I cannot believe that F1 is coming my way. I was going to make the trip up to Indy at some point but now that it's coming here - this has made my day.

I hope Tavo has all his ducks in a row because many Austinites don't want it here because they feel that our tax dollars are being spent to build and pay fo the track and there maybe too many people coming here and polluting our air. Tavo has investors but needs to make sure that the public understands just how the money is being used to create the track.

I'm looking forward to the race week as well as just driving out there to see the construction.

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