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November 02, 2010


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I want to thank you and Dorri for providing me with an opportunity to attend a race in America. The whole weekend provided a good comparison to the different events I have attended in Europe. We were indeed never bored over the weekend, with a great mix of ontrack and offtrack entertainment.


Speedworx, Dorri and I both enjoyed your company and we were very happy to host your visit. I had a very good time. I was impressed with how everyone went out of their way to help us, beginning with the guys who helped guide our motorhome into it's berth. The other race fans that we met were very friendly and helpful. The staff at the circuit and the law enforcement officers that were present all had great attitudes and contributed to our experience. I say bravo to each and everyone of them.


Tavo mentioned the fan experience is very important and a new architect is coming on board soon. Maybe he's already on the same page.


I hope that is true vf, as I think it is important to US fans to have a "place at the table." Certainly his recognition of the "Friends of Austin" tells us a bit about his own interest in the fans.

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