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February 21, 2011


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A strange conclusion Paul. Unmoving racing is not a function of the track. If Bernie pulled races from the difficult tracks it would be less than a 10 race season.

Yes, Bernie will use the current situation to open negotiations on a new/extended contract in order to extract more money from the Bahraini's, but in the end they will pay the extortion and be happy.

fanatak f1

he will lose no money here, they must pay him even if they do not race. And he will not end the deal as long as they pay


Seems as though Bernie will lose money.
He stated this today.
Ecclestone also revealed that Formula One Management will pay for the costs of the cancelled event, estimated to be around $40 million.


Bernie has said he will keep trying to find a space on the 2011 calender for Bahrain. Its not cancelled yet, just postponed!

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