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October 06, 2010


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This is great stuff, flood1. Very interesting!

Steve Calvert

Thanks for posting these and thanks to Vance for getting them. Everyone needs to go to the facebook page for Friends-of Formula-1-Austin-Texas and join/get involved.

john flood

Yep Steve, I agree about the "Friends" page on facebook. We need to all show our support for the event because there are people that are trying to stop the it.


Well put Flood!
That reminds me, Del Valle - Popham Elementary school (within walking distance of the USGP location) has a highly recognized and excellent Blackland Prairie Restoration Project that involves the students with several preservation organizations. We need to hook them up with FTP!
See the link below

J. Raymond

Good stuff! Should put a sour look on Stefan Wray's face when he sees the detail, and prove that this project was neither "last minute" or ill planned.

Keep the details coming! Looking forward to the race in 2012!


An additional important note...
I have to thank Matt Sager who acquired the prints. Thanks Matt! We appreciate your drive to keep the community updated.


How many years until they build it?


CF, I sense some skepticism. I do agree that the construction schedule is agressive. It will be difficult, but not because of the construction schedule, but due to the approvals required.


Thanks for these.Obviously there has been a great deal of work and research gone into these drawings.It is far more than a few weeks work to produce such a detailed drawing.
Looking at them very closely you can see that they are utilising the natural terrain to its maximum effect, to provide a very atttractive setting and promote local fauna
as well a superb racetrack.
Having spent some 40 odd years in the construction business all over the world specialising in fast track construction projects to much tighter critical deadlines I can't see any real problems with the construction schedule.
This is the USA we are talking about here.The range of heavy construction machines available is considerable and I would undertake a job of this nature without a qualm.I am not familiar with American construction permissions however and this appears to be the only stumbling block as far as I can see.
This is great news indeed and I am sure that the powers that be after reviewing these plans will see that FTP are fully aware of just what they are doing as indeed should any objectors.
Any enviromental group should be able to see that by creating these wetland conditions it will provide a habitat for a far greater range of wildlife than the present scrubland.
Interesting to see that they contain


Interesting to see that they contain the proposed new access roads.
Previous reports seem to indicate that Joe Geisler (sp) the City of Austin transportation guru seems to think that with a deatiled traffic management plan the race day traffic can be managed quite effectively.


I was wondering who do I need to contact in order to have a look at paper plans or even better DWG (CAD file) for this. I'm doing a project (non-commercial) and would like to use this in this study. The products of my study will be able to be used for promotions etc. I'm mainly doing studies in visualizations and techniques on real world projects and this would be a prime choice. Appreciate it. Have contacted promoters and Tilke yet no responses at this time.

Pandora Charms Online

So fun article is! I know more from it.

Lunette Ray Ban

Nice post. This post is different from what I read on most blog.

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