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October 16, 2010


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Very interesting indeed.Speed City.I didn't quite catch the comments about the athletics aspect he mentioned but obviously this is major development.
With the recent reports regarding DTM and ALMS putting together some joint programme big changes are happening in the American car racing world.
And with the reports of Kevin Schwanz being involved it looks like bikes are also on the cards.


Edit.That should read ITR and DTM

Steve Calvert

We need (they need) to focus on getting the track built. The news about DTM coming to America was exciting but we all know that F1 is what we're looking to see here in the States. All the other racing forms will want to come here after they see the succes of F1 in Austin.

Let's get going and build the track...


They are...


I am quite convinced that FTP are doing everything in their power at maximum possible speed.Unfortuanately City officials have no sense of urgency and just keep going at their usual snail's pace.Planning and permits always takes time and as impatient as I am to see the graders rolling there is little more that FTP can do at present.


I'm not quite in agreement that the officials are moving at a pace that can be critisized. They have due diligance responsibilities, and they have forwarded their questions to the promoter. He must now provide the answers and he has said that those answers will be available in a couple of weeks. The authorities are waiting on the promoter, and he has the ball. Fair enough.

Also, the construction start date is December, so two months of planning are still on the construction schedule. If no work has begun by then, I think a closer look at the permitting process is warranted.

Until then, I would just ask everyone to relax a bit. The events up to this point are typical, but by January "shovels in dirt" activities must start early in the new year.


I don't that that the officails are deliberately dragging their feet.But permit applications are a notoriously slow process.
In any new major development the old adage "the devil is in the detail" always applies.Each document has to reviewed by several different departments and it is worth bearing in mind that they also have other projects undergoing the same procedure.This process is what I was referring to in my "snails pace" comment.

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