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December 20, 2010


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That is an excellent review of the the project to date.You have included the facts without any bias.That I agree with.
Without doubt this is a major achievement by Mr.Hellmund and he has formed what is probably the ideal team to bring this project home.I like you am an experienced project manager, have been for some 40 odd years.The questions you raise are also my areas of concern.The roads and traffic management question is my only source concern.The actual construction within a fourteen month time frame is demanding but not that demanding and with the management capabilities of this team it should be achievable without major issues.


Yes Sportsman, you and I and Airhog111 have a common complaint, and that is that the infrastructure requirements that are offsite, beyond the property line, and must involve governmental bodies beyond the control of FTP, may be the biggest opportunity for failure.

Part 2 will discuss this fully.


Very good analysis Flood. Most people do not realize the number of moving parts involved until they are listed. Time is running short, but still do able. Project Management and traffic are still concerns. The only issue with Tilke as PM is their focus is the track and team facilities; not the entire facility and the infrastructure outside of the property. I am looking forward to the discussion on the traffic.


Compliments on a comprehensive and accurate summary. TIme will tell whether FTP selects another firm for overall project management. I would not guess it would be Tilke GMBH - their track design specialization and lack of a permanent US presence makes me think their job will be over when the track layout and safety provisions are on paper, other than limited design revisions to resolve any issues identified by FIA. Several other firms on the team list obviously are not candidates for overall management either - the local civil engineers, the traffic and transportation consultants, and specialized architect. That leaves HKS, a large firm that has handled major projects around the state and in other countries.

A company of that caliber is not needed to design grandstands or the paddock area. FTP selecting a general contractor headquartered in Dallas, near HKS, is another indication that HKS may be tapped for project management. The upper management team is complex, too, but the public does not know the roles of Full Throttle Productions, Accelerator LLC, the legal firm, Prophet Capital, and McCombs Enterprises. At this point, I'm not worried about progress - traffic access involves routine wrangling over who pays for what. Road improvements are not a time-critical issue - the debate between Travis County and FTP is only about a one-mile segment of a two-lane county road. They'll have to work out a traffic plan acceptable to the County, and the County has the final say if they can hold up some sort of master plan or site approval. For public relations and credibility, the most urgent issue is initial site clearing and grading - this month!


Thanks for those comments Foran. I see the overall efforts as a little more complicated than you have expressed. But, there are many points I agree with. Especially with regard to Tilke and the probability that they will be in Austin for the new year.

Please see Part 2 and comment to help me understand the big pic.


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