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December 22, 2010


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Excellent article.Highlights a forgotten area of an F1GP weekend.
Motor racing is dangerous and suitable measures must be in place to minimise these dangers.On todays tracks it is only a very remote possibility that a car could fly into the spectators.That has happened before and measures were put in place to minimise that possibility.But no matter how unlikely it is, with cars travelling at up to 200mph every precaution must be taken.
I know that Nascar cars are faster.But they are confined to an oval track with suitable walls and catch fencing to mininmise these dangers.The track must have a clear road access at all times during the weekend to allow emergency offsite Fire and Rescue vehicles unrestricted access in minimum time.
Its rather like your life or auto insurance.Hopefully you won't need it.But you have it all the same.


No event is going to happen without a Public Safety Plan that covers both inside and outside the track. The Plan may not be publicized, but it will be there and will be effective.

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