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December 30, 2010


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Excellent report Flood! As we have seen construction has begun and the clock is ticking. Let's hope Wild Bubba can feed all the hungry workers...
I agree with the Phil hill, good idea!


This answers some questions and is as you say a good foot in the door.
But many questions were not answered especially any specific answers regarding the crucial traffic management plan.
If by the comment that construction work has begun refers to the Statesman's video that is nothing more than a core sampling machine.Only after these samples are analysed can the foundations and track sub base be designed.
But its nonetheless a start.There is a very steep hill still to climb.


One other point that Flood raised in the article is the race date.
I fully understand that in Austin the Longhorns have a great deal of local interest.
But an F1GP has global interest and FOM will only consider events of global TV interest which is where their income is derived from with repect to race dates.
Austin has to accommodate F1.Not F1 accommodating Austin.


They are moving the pipelines Sportsman. They have a permit to do that, and that is, of course, the first thing to do.


Regarding the longhorns, their stadium holds 100,119 people. They fill it 7 times a year. All the hotels, restaurants, etc. are sold out. The team's economic impact is 10 times that of the F1 event.

There will be no room at the inn for F1. Or as Texans say it, you can't put 10 gallons of shit in a 5 gallon bucket.


There is no information on their website that they are moving the pipelines.I cannot find any reports regarding what work is in progress.
Moving the pipelines is of course exactly the right thing to first.Regarding the Longhorns I understand that they bring a great deal of economic benefit.But FOM have to work out the best race calender to minimise the amount of air travel to keep costs down.If a fall date is out of the question due to accomodation not being available then F1US need to inform FOM of the Lonhorns schedule for 2012 by June of next year.




I have just been looking at the 2011 calender.Montreal is scheduled for 10-12 June followed by Valencia 24- 26 June.As is widely expected if any race gets the chop it will be the European GP at Valencia.
This date would tie in nicely with the Canadian GP.
The Statesmans video states that the organisers have been told prepared by June so this appears to the route that FOM will follow.


Edit Above post is by me.


Sportsman: This is the city's permit folder for the pipeline:

Scroll down to attachment SPL-SP-2010-0293D_0~001
To view the project sequencing for the pipeline installation, see the bottom left of the attachment


Autosport magazine suggests a June 2012 date for the race in the article published this week. Great article John. Gives us some answers to some questions. Project seems to be progressing nicely.

Bob V.

That was really interesting and I thank you for the details. It's underway...

I'd suggest a nod to Texas native Jim Hall and his development of the Chapparal. Saw him race in the Can-Am series at Mid-Ohio in late 60's.

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