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January 16, 2011


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"bureaucratic fog" is exactly the right description.I am not sure if I am not more confused now than I was before.According Statesman construction work on the site has already begun and the organisers have a permit for the grading works.But this seems to be in some doubt if was ever issued.If it was not then the works in progress are being undertaken without a permit.Very odd.
I am also a little confused about FM 812.
TxDOT say that they intend to repave it and restripe it with hard shoulders.It makes no mention of widening FM 812 to accomodate the hard shoulders.


I agree, the impression I had from reading what was in the public was that the grading permit had been issued.

4 lanes on 812 (even with contra-flow) isn't enough, especially when you have to "cheat" to get to the 4 lanes. Also, McAngus is the obvious and natural emergency road.

Thanks for the explaination


I guess the next question is how long does it take between the Commission's approval and issuance of the permit? The staff has a lot to do, I'm sure, but I don't know exactly what.


I have no major concerns about the permit process. Everything has been done on a reasonable timeline and site work started as planned. A couple of agencies you mentioned, such as the Environmental Board, are subdivisions of the city of Austin, and they were involved because some minor variances to the local construction code were identified by the consultants. Both city and county elected officials are well aware of the financial implications of Formula 1 in Austin, and are unlikely to do anything that would jeopardize the timely completion of the track.

Widening Elroy Road to four lanes to get a dedicated shuttle lane is a staff recommendation by the county Transportation and Natural Resources department, which the Commissioners may accept, modify, or disregard. I agree it needs to be done, but the general public benefits from the road improvements, and I can't believe that roads never get improved in the county's jurisdiction unless they can push all costs onto a developer. I think the county should split the Elroy road costs with the promoter, and I have written to all the commissioners and the County judge with that recommendation.

Whether the county can adjust its budget to fund that work is another question - it might have to wait until the next fiscal year - and I don't know if that's the same as the calendar year for Travis County. But I see no problem even if the work isn't done until early 2012. The commissioners know their deliberations and decision on the traffic management plan will be heard around the world, and it will send a clear signal to business interests - is Travis County a good place for investment?

Regarding the comment that McAngus Road (on the west site boundary) being the obvious and natural emergency road, that's unlikely. McAngus does not connect to the tollway TX 130, and it provides track parking access only to the west side, on the other side of the creek, with only pedestrian access from there. And on TX DOT re-striping FM 812 to define four lanes - it already has paved shoulders.


Thanks Foran.

First, I agree that McAngus is a no-go emergency route because it has no access to the circuit except by intersecting Elroy. It has no connection to 812 and has no way to cross Dry Creek to the main circuit plot. I agree on that point.

The grading plan was submitted in August, is six months old, and has not yet been permitted even though the City and the County had agreed to the variances.

The permit is in the staff's control and approval for grading, sewer, water, and site surface water control, collection ponds, and silt fences has not been issued. No permit has been released regarding site grading, etc.

Please see the thread at our forum to see the complex nature of the process. It is a bit more complex than one might imagine.



I am interested to see what work has been started.
Core sampling is a due diigence task.That should not be considered as start of construction.
Some silt fences have been built.The pipelines are being relocated.That is all.
This is a long way from start of construction.
The simple fact is that the grading permit has not been issued.When this permit is issued construction can begin. And the application for the grading permit was submitted in August and expires on 21st February.

Artstrada Magazine

Agreed, we need a 4 lane rd, we need a race track, we need a shuttle and we need everyone on board to make it happen. Let's do this. Bring next drama please


And we need innovative Austin peeps like you to benefit from the increased world exposure that F1 will bring to Austin and to your art, lifestyle, and attitude.

Nice website, interesting stuff.

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