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This team is, of course, a dream come true for F1 fans in the States, best of luck to everyone working to get onto the grid in 2010.

We are all holding our collective breath to see if you can bridge the present economic malaise.

And, if anyone thinks the US is devoid of Grand Prix fans....wait till we have a team representing the folks on this side of the pond...we will make ourselves heard.


Thanks for the comment, glad to have you onboard.

Gavin Brown (RubberGoat)


Found your blog via a link on a site called Sidepodcast.

I run an F1 stats blog called 'Making Up The Numbers', which aims to show F1 from a statistical perspective in a way that anyone could understand. The reason I am linking to it is that Paul said in his post that he finds stats interesting...

I really enjoy your blog and have added it to my RSS reader - keep up the good work guys ;)


Hi RubberGoat. I am familiar with your work at I have read your fuel calculations and may have even used your data before. If I didn't, I meant to!

Feel free to link any of your current blogs to this page via the comment box.


so this is where u hang out.....

Flood 1

Yep, where do you hang out Alan?


moved on from the forum world found it no longer worth the hasstle and busy with work

on vacation this week though relaxing on Daytona Beach

Flood 1

Yeah, I feel that way too. That's why I started a blog. Just say what I have to say, forget about post counts and the BS with posters. It is just a hobby, and I just write when I have something to say. If you ever have a blog you want to post on here, let me know.


Y'all know I am an opinionated SOB, the best way to loose your faithful following on here is to have me posting blogs on your site!

But for all the people who say my opinions are b/s - i am not often wrong! I still recall the crap I got for suggesting that Piquets crash was deliberate...

You're doing a good job, keep up the good work!


So that's what you guys look like ;)

Nice to put faces to names.


Brogan (Clip The Apex)

B&G Suspension

Found your blog to be very informative and helpful when it comes to Formula One updates and news. You guys just keep doing a good job and every article is worth reading it.

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You guys just keep posting up great articles. I have learned a lot since I started reading your blog.


Still rocking - Go MCLaren!

Intake System

At last, I have seen this guys. You deserve of praise. Keep up the GOOD JOB!

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